lunes, 23 de mayo de 2011

Miles Davis - Doo Bop

Shit, I remember my father playing this when I was a kid. Even tough it was years ago, when my dad was a real cat, and not a washed down yuppie, I still remember the kick ass tune of glorious songs souch as "High speed chase" or "Fantasy".
This might be one of least hermetic and easy-to-get-into albums of Miles, so its a great start if you want to get into jazz (not to mention its a genious work, and one of the most historicaly relevant albums of modern times)
I have no idea why I decided to download this. I just did. And I don't redgret it.

Perhaps "The Doo Bop Song", with the colaboration of Easy Mo B, is the poster child of the album, but the smooth, crisp, tasty tune of "Mistery" wins, at least to me.

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